The following page is designed to give festival goers an indication of whether Folk Harbour Festival venues are best equipped to meet their accessibility needs. If there is information that this page does not address and you have any further questions, feel free to contact our office using the ‘Contact’ section of the navigation menu.

Lunenburg Opera House

The front doors have a width of ≈ 179 cm with the double doors and ≈ 88 cm with one door open.

The entrance ramp has a slight bump at the top and bottom. It is carpeted, with no railings but small wooden buffers on either side to prevent wheels from rolling off. The ramp is ≈ 185 cm long, ≈ 76 cm wide (in between the raised sides) and angled at ≈ 33.5 degrees. The ramp leads out into the street, with poses a safety threat with passing cars.

The entrance hallway has a width of ≈ 131 cm.

Seats in the hall do not have arms and are ≈ 50 cm wide. In between the rows (from the front of one chair to the back of the chair in the next row) is ≈ 63 cm. The aisles in between the rows are ≈ 92 cm.

However, seats are movable and aisles can be shifted to accommodate different sizes.

There is a slight slant in the floor from the back to the front stage.

There are no stairs are inside apart from the stairs to the balcony and the front step at the entrance (for which a ramp is provided).

The balcony seating is only accessible by stairs.

Priority seating is available as needed (close to the stage, on an aisle, etc.). Please contact us in advance so we can make these arrangements.

For artists: the stage is only accessible by stairs.

Assistive Listening

The Folk Harbour Society now offers Assisted-Listening technology at the Lunenburg Opera House. Listen Technologies’ radio-frequency system provides options for concert-goers with hearing issues. The first option features a small, portable receiver on a neck loop that sends an optimized signal directly to concert-goers with t-coil hearing aids or cochlear implants. For those with hearing loss but no aid or implant, a second option uses the portable receiver and a universal ear speaker for an improved audio experience. This new technology promises to greatly enhance the Opera House concert experience. Currently, the service is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on usage, we may require reservations. Funding for our Assistive Listening System was provided by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Central United Church

Entrance across from Blue Zone Fitness: cement ramp with sturdy metal railings. Slight bump at the beginning of the ramp and wide flat landing at the door. 

Long church pews – space allocated for wheelchair users in between the pews
1 main door opens into a double-door entrance. ≈ 154 cm wide when both doors are open. However, this entrance requires a step and does not have a ramp.

The accessible side door does not require stairs and levels out onto the street. The pavement is fairly rough right at the entrance, with a slight bump to get into the door/out onto the sidewalk. 

The balcony seating is only accessible by stairs.

There is one accessible washroom (without need for stair access) with a similar width to the accessible side door. 

There are further female and male washrooms downstairs which are inaccessible to wheelchair users. 
The width of the aisles is larger than the doorway and can accommodate the size of wheelchair users. In between the pews (from the front of the back pew to the back of the front pew) is ≈ 77 cm.

It is possible for those with specific requirements such as hearing impairment to request seating at the front of the venue. 

There is solely 1 accessible parking spot though more parking spaces may be available outside given the time of day/business of the area.

Priority seating is available as needed (close to the stage, on an aisle, etc.). Please contact us in advance so we can make these arrangements.

St. John’s Anglican Church

The entrance doorway has a width of ≈ 138 cm and opens straight out onto the street, with a slight raised bump. The inner doorway is slightly narrower ≈ 120 cm.

Inside, flooring is even with good traction from the carpeting.

There are no stairs except up to the balcony. The balcony seating is only accessible by stairs.

There are designated pews designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

Guide dogs are allowed.

Parking is close by and there are no steps to get from parking to the church.

There is ≈ 83 cm from the back of one pew to the back of the other.

There is one accessible washroom on the ground floor. It is opened using a heavier door and the doorway has a width of ≈ 92 cm. The bathroom includes a railing and change table. 

There are further bathrooms that are only accessed by stairs to the basement.

The two side aisles leading to the outermost pews are obstructed by columns and are narrower than the central aisle. This may render the two side aisles inaccessible for wider wheelchairs. The central aisles are more accessible. 

Priority seating is available as needed (close to the stage, on an aisle, etc.). Please contact us in advance so we can make these arrangements.

St. John’s Parish Hall

Entrance doorway ≈ 81 cm wide with one door open, ≈ 160 cm with both doors. As you enter the venue, the narrowest part of the hallway is ≈ 104 cm. 

There is a cement ramp right outside the venue entrance with a gradual incline. The ramp levels right out onto the sidewalk.

Parking is just outside the venue, with no stairs in between the parking spots and the parish hall. 

There is no designated handicapped parking.
The venue has one handicapped bathroom, with a railing by the toilet and a doorway of ≈ 87 cm in width. The bathroom also has a change table and stool for kids.

There are further washroom facilities downstairs which are inaccessible to wheelchair users. 

The floors in the venue are partially carpeted though mostly hardwood. The flooring is somewhat uneven which may be slightly shaky on a wheelchair. 

For artists: there are 4 stairs that lead up to the stage. These stairs are the only way to access the stage.

Individual seating – chairs have backs but no arms. Max weight is listed as 300lbs online. The seats are ≈ 32 cm wide at their smallest width and have a depth of ≈ 39 cm from back to front.

Priority seating is available as needed (close to the stage, on an aisle, etc.). Please contact us in advance so we can make these arrangements.

Festival Office

Only accessed by a rough gravel hill which may be difficult to navigate for wheelchair users. 

There are two steps onto the front deck outside the office. There is a vertical metal bar in place for support stepping up onto the deck. 

The wooden deck flooring is fairly uneven. 

The sole bathroom in the offices is not equipped to support handicapped persons. There is a fairly narrow doorway with a lack of metal support railings. There is no changing table. 

There are no stairs within the office. The office is fully carpeted with good traction on flooring. 

The back doors can only be opened from the inside but have a combined width of ≈ 183 cm. It is ≈ 91 cm for one door. The front door has a width of ≈ 89 cm with a slight bump as you enter. 

Guide dogs are allowed in the office. 

There is parking at the bottom of the hill though visitors may also drive to the top of the gravel driveway to park their vehicle. There are spaces for two cars in the driveway. The nearest designated handicapped parking spot is on Montague St., on the corner with King Street.

Wharf Stage – Adams & Knickle

Somewhat uneven asphalt leading to the wharf with a slight downhill slope.

Uneven bumpy planks with large gaps in between (around 2-3 inches/5 cm).

There is no bathroom on the wharf. The nearest public restroom is at the Zwicker Wharf, which also has handicapped facilities accessed via ramp.

Service dogs are allowed on the wharf

The wharf is stable and should not cause issues from those who suffer from motion sickness.

Seating will be bleachers/benches though seating may get crowded and some people generally stand during wharf performances.

Main Stage Blockhouse Hill

Some information is posted but more details are to be uploaded closer to festival.

There are a few spots reserved for those with a handicapped parking permit. If no spaces are available, it is possible to have someone drive close to the entrance or box office as a drop off point, before parking the car elsewhere. If the driver tells the volunteer stationed at the entrance to the driveway, the volunteer should remove the barrier and let the car pass.

Main stage is located in an outdoor space with gravel and somewhat uneven pavement. The tent is set up with white plastic outdoor chairs with arms. The chairs are tied together as per fire marshal regulations. An area is reserved inside the tent near the back for people who want to bring their own chairs / wheelchairs. If weather is suitable, the tent side flaps are opened, allowing for seating on the lawn outside the tent. While plastic chairs are provided, people can opt for their own chairs or blankets.


Dogs are allowed outside on the lawn but are not allowed at any venue unless they are licensed guide dogs (Park Stage is an exception as it is in a public park).

Band Stand Replacement Stage

Soon to be updated