The Stanfields – PAST EVENT

The Stanfields – PAST EVENT



The Stanfields are a five-piece rock/roots band based in Halifax NS, Canada. They play what they want, sing what they feel, and leave nothing on the table.

Jon Landry – Vox, Guitar, Harmonica,
Calen Kinney – Violin or Fiddle, Bouzouki, Vox
Jason MacIsaac – Guitar, Vox
Dillan Tate – Bass, Vox
Mark Murphy – Drums, Vox

The Stanfields are a funny little band, an entity often mired in contradiction. While most of our songs sit firmly within the parameters of folklore, social justice and temperance, one of our most recognizable tunes is called “The Dirtiest Drunk (in the History of Liquor)”.   I honestly count my blessings that the song exists and loathe the very thought of ever having written it at the same time.  It was conceived as a tongue-in-cheek warning against over-consumption, yet we all had our turns being the very caricature the song portrays.  It’s hilariously odd in the way it was lauded by Joe Public (mostly), yet mildly tragic in how it defined us henceforth as a beer schlepping pub band by bored, pedantic tastemakers lacking the will to investigate the true undercurrent of anything outside the comfort of their wheelhouse.

Alas, we lay in the bed we make.

On a broader scale, this is a trend that has reared its head regularly throughout our relatively short career.  We’ve been celebrated as working class heroes and dismissed as shallow provincials more times than I can count.  Of course, none of that really matters.  There’s little glory in laurels bestowed by faceless names, as there’s little anguish borne from whips lashed by nameless trolls.

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The Stanfields – PAST EVENT