Fred Eaglesmith


Acclaimed, Juno-Award-winning singer-songwriter Fred Eaglesmith is known for crafting songs about vehicles, rural life, down-and-out characters, lost love, and quirky rural folk.  His stories – full of broken machines and broken relationships – have a universal appeal. On stage, his songs are interspersed with dry wit and uncanny observations of the world around him.  Of course, after 42 years of relentless touring, he has seen a lot, and has accumulated material for 22 studio albums. His most recent recording, Standard (2016), features grizzled vocals, sparse instrumentation, and narratives that jump to life.  According to the Vancouver Sun, Standard is “a spartan, honest masterpiece of a record.”  Fred is joined on stage by his musical and life partner, Tif Ginn, who provides vocals and plays eight different instruments.  Fred Eaglesmith, the ever-entertaining, alternative-country rock ‘n’ roll troubadour performed on a Folk Harbour stage in 2013 as part of the Fall Concert series, but 2018 marks Fred’s first Festival appearance.  “Fredheads” rejoice!

Sunday: 1:00 PM Central United Church
Main Stage

All session by Fred Eaglesmith