LFHS Environmental Stewardship Policy

We are fortunate to live in a region that has shown leadership in sustainability through its environmental and health policies, educational initiatives, and business partnerships. In this context, the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society has made environmental sustainability a core value. To demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability, we undertake;

  1.  Participating in local recycling programs that will lessen Festival waste
  2. Support local initiatives promoting public water services
  3. Consider how we can minimize the environmental impact on natural resources and habitat, including our beautiful, historic town and coastal waters.


The History

The Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival started making an effort toward becoming more environmentally friendly in 1999 in order to help protect and respect the beautiful town of Lunenburg. Since then, we have made becoming environmentally friendly a priority and initiated the “Go Green” project which has been proving to work.


How We Help The Environment

The Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival is proud to say that the office recycles paper and plastic; Folk Harbour functions are environmentally friendly with compost and recycling as well as the use of biodegradable products (including plastic substitutes); waste stations at all festival venues help our festival-goers become environmentally friendly; and the “Green Team” has helped festival patrons with sorting waste and greening information since the policy was first adopted.  For the past few years, we have made drinking water available for free so that bottles can be refilled instead of thrown away.  Our concertgoers can bring their own bottle or buy a reusable bottle to be filled at our free water stations during the festival.

In 2014 we received assistance from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to plant trees around our Festival grounds, in the Lunenburg Board of Trade campground area.  We intend to continue this project with co-operation from the Board of Trade and the Town of Lunenburg.


Our Goal For The Future

As a festival, we have been working hard to reach the point where we can be considered a “Green Event”. Each year we have become closer and closer thanks to the efforts of volunteers, staff and festival patrons.  In order for this to happen, we must be able to say that all of our food vendors are “Green Vendors”.  What is a “Green Vendor”?  A food vendor that uses only biodegradable or recyclable materials in serving food to festival patrons, and who does not sell bottled water.  (We also encourage the use of soda dispensers instead of bottles.)


At The Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival

We are proud to say that all of our food vendors are Green Vendors. This means they serve food in biodegradable or recyclable materials. All plates, forks, knives, spoons and cups have the capabilities to go into either the compost or recyclable bins.

We encourage all coffee drinking festival patrons, volunteers and our office staff to use their own travel mugs and reusable bottles. Reusable bottles can also be purchased at the Folk Harbour Festival’s concessions stands.

Water is available from bulk dispensaries throughout our venues.  You can also fill your bottles at any Blue W locations, which can be identified by the Blue ‘W’ logo being displayed in a window or door. These location can also be found online using the Blue W website. http://www.bluew.org/