Mission Statement

The Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society is a non-profit volunteer-based family-focused community organization which strives to celebrate the joy of traditional and contemporary folk music, dance and oral history through an annual festival and other events during the year. The mandate of the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society is to promote the preservation and continuation of traditional folk music from a diverse range of cultures and regions, through an emphasis on acoustic instrumentation and acapella singing. Also, to encourage the writing and performance of current and timely folk music which contributes to the evolutionary nature of an international folk tradition.

Statement of Artistic Vision

To share traditional and contemporary folk music highlighting the culture and history of Nova Scotia and other North Atlantic regions through music, dance and other forms of artistic expression presented through events and educational experiences which celebrates the ever-changing nature of traditional music.


Artistic Objectives

  • Presenting world-class folk music to audiences in accessible, intimate settings
  • Showcasing music and dance from other cultures
  • Featuring Canadian and international artists in workshop situations where their musical experiences are shared and enjoyed by appreciative audiences