What does a membership give you?

• The right to vote at our AGM (usually in November) and special meetings
• The opportunity to apply for Board/executive positions with the Society
• Access to our monthly electronic newsletter, Folk Lines

Membership is valid from date of purchase until the first day of the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival which occurs in August each year.

How do you get a membership?

Please complete and submit the form below in Step 1, then proceed to Step 2 to add the appropriate fee to your shopping cart.  Memberships are valid for one person. Each individual seeking membership must include their name and contact info on the form.  If paying for more than one person you must click “add to cart” the appropriate number of times, then click “view cart” to checkout.

Once we receive your form and payment submissions you will be added to our Folk Lines email list and sent a membership card in the mail

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us: admin@folkharbour.com or 902-634-3180



  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Each membership is valid for one person; if purchasing multiple memberships, you can add more names by clicking the small "+" symbol to the right. If there are multiple mailing addresses please include them in the Feedback section at the bottom of the form.
    First NameLast NameEmail AddressPhone Number25 and Under - $10 (Yes if valid)26 and Over- $20 (Yes if valid) 


26 and Over Membership Fee

$20.00Add to cart

25 and Under Membership Fee

$10.00Add to cart