Frequently Asked Questions

In place of a raffle this year, we are implementing a 50/50 draw.

Tickets for the 50/50 draw will be available throughout the weekend of the Festival, with the official draw taking place on Monday, August 14th.

50% of the proceeds from the 50/50 will go to the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society, 25% will go to the first place winner, 15% to the second place winner, and 10% to the third place winner. There will be a bundle of CD’s from Festival Performers awarded to the fourth place winner.

Check out our friends at Lunenburg Walking Tours, they have plenty of information about the town’s businesses and attractions.

Check out our friends at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.  Located on the Waterfront Wharf, the museum provides the ultimate experience for families.

The Tall Ships are coming to Lunenburg! Check out the RDV 2017 website for information on which Ships will be in Port from August 10-12.

We will also have information about the town and attractions in our festival guide which will be published closer to the festival, but in the meantime visit the Lunenburg Board of Trade website for more information.

Online: ($1 handling fee)

Phone: 1-888-311-9090 Ticketpro ($1 handling fee)

In Person: Any Ticketpro location listed here

In Person: Folk Harbour Office for advanced tickets  | 125 Montague Street

In Person: Festival Box Office during the festival  |  6 King Street

For full ticket information click here

All venues are within walking distance of each other.

There is no public parking on festival grounds aside from handicap parking, if/as designated by each venue.

Town parking meters are enforced Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Meters are mostly located in the downtown area, and there are plenty of side streets where you may legally park for free.  Please observe and abide by all posted signage, and avoid blocking driveways or parking too close to intersections.

The Community Centre offers ample free parking and is just a 10-minute walk from the waterfront. It’s located in the west end of town at 19 Green Street, beside the arena and curling club.

In previous years, there has been flat-rate fee parking at the Waterfront, but due to the high-volumes of people that we anticipate, Bluenose Drive (and consequently the waterfront parking lot) will be closed to public traffic this year.

Visitors are invited to use the designated parking areas and walk and/or ride the free shuttles. Lots will be attended and parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis in the following areas:

  • Lunenburg Community Center (170 spaces)
  • Old Ultramar Site (80 spaces)
  • Railway Museum (100 spaces)
  • Starr Street (400 spaces)

These sites will be serviced by two shuttle buses on a continuous basis from 9:00am to 11:30pm Thursday through Sunday with service at each site approximately every 10 minutes. Once in town, a free Stop and Shop Shuttle is being provided in the downtown area by the Lunenburg Board of Trade and Lunenburg Folk Harbour is providing free shuttles between venues. Just flag them down and hop on or off.

Smaller vans and personal vehicles will be circulating throughout Old Town. They will be clearly marked as “Shuttle Service” vehicles. All you have to do is flag them down and hop on and hop off. Again, this service is free of charge.

Festival Main Stage ticket holders are invited to use the parking area provided by our sponsor, High Liner Foods at 1000 Battery Point Road and walk and/or ride the free shuttles. The lot will be attended and parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The site will be serviced by four shuttle buses on a continuous basis from 5:00pm to 11:30pm Thursday through Sunday with service approximately every 5 minutes.





We are not always able to provide dedicated parking for our mobility-restricted guests but we make every effort possible to accommodate them where/when we can.

At the Main Stage tent, we have 5 spaces reserved for vehicles with handicapped permits just outside the main entrance to the grounds.  Once they are full, the attendant will allow permitted vehicles to drop passengers off at the entrance, but the vehicle must park off-grounds.  

The St. John’s Church venue allows vehicles to drop off mobility restricted passengers at the front door on the widened sidewalk, but you can not park there.

There are a few parking spots reserved for those with handicapped permits throughout Lunenburg, but keep in mind they have not been made available to Folk Harbour guests, even if they are close to our venues.

A handicapped-accessible bus will be circulating throughout Old Town. They will be clearly marked as “Shuttle Service” vehicles. All you have to do is flag them down and hop on and hop off. This service is free of charge.

The Main Stage is at 11 Blockhouse Hill Road, in Old Town Lunenburg.  You can see a map of our festival grounds here.

Can I get food at the festival?

Lunenburg offers a wide assortment of licensed eating establishments, from fast food, fish and chips, to pubs and fine dining. We encourage you to support our sponsors!

Outside the Main Stage tent, there are several food truck vendors, offering hot and cold beverages, light food options and sweets. They open at 5:30 Thursday – Sunday during the festival.

The only venue where dogs are permitted is the Lunenburg Heritage Bandstand.

Dogs are not permitted inside any of our venues including the Wharf Stage—no exceptions other than licensed and identified service dogs.

August temperatures can be hot and we have zero tolerance for pets or children left unattended in parked cars. We will call the RCMP to rescue any pet or child left alone in a vehicle.

We encourage families of all sizes and make-ups to become part of our festival family! Children 12 and under are admitted to all performances free of charge. If an event is sold out, we cannot guarantee seating inside the venue.

We have several workshops that are directed to children and these are free of charge (Young Fiddlers, Guitar, etc.).

We have a children’s learning area located on the hill overlooking the Lunenburg Heritage Bandstand. Arts and crafts materials are provided and the tent is still within earshot of the music. This is not a drop-off area; a suitably aged sibling or adult must accompany children at all times.

Mothers are welcome to breastfeed at any festival venue.  If a mother requires a private space, she is welcome to use the Folk Harbour Office at 125 Montague Street during office hours (9am– 8pm). Otherwise, she is encouraged to ask a volunteer for assistance in finding a suitable location.

At this time, we do not offer a Family Admittance Pass to the festival or any festival events.

The Folk Harbour Festival does not have a beer or wine tent—most of our venues are alcohol and smoke free, including the Main Stage tent.

The Late Night venue may offer a cash bar.

If you find an item and cannot locate its owner, please bring it to the lost and found box inside the Folk Harbour Society office at 125 Montague Street during our Festival office hours (9 am – 8 pm).

Our office is also equipped with a basic first aid kit, but for serious injuries we recommend calling 911 immediately. EHS has been alerted to our needs and will have a visible presence whenever possible, but they do have a large area to service.

We are a green festival and strive to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. As a rule, we (and our vendors) do not sell bottled water but we do provide fresh water dispensers at our concession tents. We encourage you bring your own water bottle that can be refilled at one of our stations. There are multiple shops in town displaying a Blue W in their window who will gladly refill your bottle.

Guests are also encouraged to bring travel mugs to refill with hot beverages, further helping us reduce waste produced by our festival.

Since the weather can unexpectedly change during the day, it is always wise to bring the following with you: sunscreen, small umbrella, layers of clothing (the evenings can get cool), a seat cushion, and comfortable walking shoes!

All of our venues offer seating, however we recommend bringing a seat cushion or you can purchase one from our concession tents. The Sunday morning Gospel concert has overflow seating in the field and is often well attended, you may choose to bring a chair just incase.

We are no longer offering the raffle ticket draw but in it’s place we are offering a 50/50 draw. Please find a Festival Host for more information or visit our Box Office during the festival.

We are not in a position to offer exchange rates for foreign currency. We encourage you to use Canadian money or foreign currency credit or debit cards, for which we cover the fees. We accept MasterCard, Visa and debit; and Ticketpro accepts American Express.

We cannot accept any cash currencies other than $CAD and $USD. American cash dollars will be accepted at par.

We encourage you to visit our friends at TD Bank for assistance with any currency conversions that you may require.

There are several banks in Downtown Lunenburg, all with automatic tellers.  For in-person banking services, the TD Bank at 36 King Street, is open Monday to Friday from 8 am until 6 pm.  No bank in Lunenburg is open Saturday or Sunday, but the automatic tellers are available 24/7.

Well, we plan to not have rain!

Rain has never resulted in cancellation of a Main Stage event. Our tent is modern and weather tight! Heavy rains may restrict overflow seating outside the tent requiring us to restrict attendance of the Sunday Gospel concert.

The backup venue for the Wharf Stage is the Zion Lutheran Church. (Please note there is not Wharf Stage in 2017 but fear not, it will return in 2018!)

The backup venue for the Lunenburg Heritage Bandstand performances is the St. John’s Parish Hall.