Organization: Volunteers and Employees

Some of the Board, Staff and Volunteers from 2013

Board of Directors for 2013-2014


President: David Friendly
Past-President: Marilyn Keddy
Vice President: Louis Robitaille
Treasurer: Carl Martin
Secretary: Angela Churchill


Chris Anderson
Kelly Bent
David Findlay
Peter Glenister
Claire Jaworski
Donna Knickle
Julie Lohnes
David Macdonald
Maggie Osler
Catherine Paget

Committee Chairs for 2013-2014

Festival/Event Committee (President Chair): David Friendly
-Billeting Subcommittee: Ruth Ann and John Whicher
-Box Office Subcommittee: Julie Lohnes
-Concessions Subcommittee: Maggie Osler (CDs) /Mary Landis (Merchandise)
-Food Vendors: Cath Paget
-Greening Sub-Commitee: Claire Jaworski
-Greening Sub-Committee-Water:  Anne Curtin & Joseph Carnevale
-Hospitality Subcommittee: David John Lobb & Cath Paget
-Program Subcommittee: Louis Robitaille
-Site Subcommittee: Roy Landis
-Transportation Subcommittee: James Hirtle & Mary Stocks
-Volunteers: Donna Knickle
Finance Committee (Treasurer Chair): Carl Martin
-Fundraising Subcommittee: Chris Heide
-Friends of the LFHS: Peter Glenister
-Raffle: Dawn Touchings
Folk Fiesta!: Deb Beers & Cath Paget
Education Subcommittee: Mary Dillon & Louis Robitaille
Publicity & Communications: Nick Jennery
Website Subcommittee: Dylan Haines
-Web Content: David Friendly
Youth Subcommittee: Angela Churchill & Claire Jaworski
Nominating Committee: Marilyn Keddy
Membership Committee (Secretary Chair): Angela Churchill
Personnel Committee (Vice-President Chair): Louis Robitaille

Office Staff

General Manager: Chris Heide
Office Manager: Peggie Graham