Folk Steps 2016 Music Conference: International Aboriginal Music


The aim of the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society’s annual Folk Steps Conference is to stimulate interest in traditional folk music. Since 2010 the conference has offered an educational opportunity for audiences to explore a particular facet of folk music and understand its relevance to today. The program includes expert presentations along with performance and discussion. The format is relaxed and includes performances as well as opportunities for fun, learning and audience participation. For 2016, the Folk Steps theme is International Aboriginal Music and an engaging group of performers will be on hand to share the day, Thursday, August 4.


Host for the conference is Catherine Martin, a well-known mi’kmaq filmmaker who is currently the Nancy Rowell Jackman Chair in Women’s Studies at Mt. St. Vincent University, Halifax.

Keynote speaker is Alan Syliboy, celebrated mi’kmaq artist and performer. Although he won’t be bringing them, his band Lone Cloud is a blending of Mi’kmaq tradition and modern style.


2016 Workshop Participants


Frank Yamma is a singer and song writer from Central Australia and is a Pitjantjatjara man who speaks 5 languages and sings in both Pitjantjatjara and English.

Kathleen Merritt, also known as IVA (ee-vah) is an Inuit throat-singer, poet and writer from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. She will take you on a journey through the Artic with vocal interpretations of the wind, birds, landscape and the sea.

Twin Flames is a captivating duo that combines two accomplished and unique singer/songwriters—Chelsey Jun an Algonquin Cree woman from Ottawa, and Jaaji an Inuk Mohawk man from Nunavik and Kahnawake. This duo will take you on a musical journey across Canada as they sing their songs in English, French and Inuktitu.

Kim Halliday is a multi-instrumentalist, a composer and a performer of Rotuman (ethnic Fijian) descent, living in New Zealand. Kim was principle composer for the trio Pacific Curls who were together for 12 years and travelled around the globe performing at many music festivals including the Lunenburg Folk Harbour festival in 2009.

Don Amero is a modern performer from Winnipeg and has won numerous Aboriginal Music Awards. He brings a unique percussion style of guitar playing and storytelling to Lunenburg. Don captivates audiences with an engaging voice and delightful approachability and is sure to be one of the highlights of the conference and festival.

And you, our guests, will round out the experience thorough your participation and questions.


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Schedule Details


Thursday, August 4  |  9 AM – 4 PM  |  Zion Lutheran Church

Admission is included in a Full Weekend Pass  |  $40  |  $20 (ages 25 and under)

Tickets are available through TicketPro.