Volunteer Position Descriptions

BANDSTAND (Year-round/non-Festival)

  • Responsible for the overall coordination of the Bandstand Concert Series.
  • Includes but is not limited to liaison with Folk Harbour Committees as well as other groups to ensure appropriate pre and post Concert responsibilities have been performed and to ensure all appropriate arrangements are made with follow through for the Concert to occur.
  • Is responsible for set-up on each concert day, and for providing MC support for the concert.

BILLETING (Year round)

  • Many of the performers who come to the Festival or who perform at concerts are placed in private homes during their stay.  This is a very delicate matter and appropriate placement of our performers is very important to the Society.
  • If you are interested in billeting, please complete the Volunteer Registration form.  Potential billets will participate in an interview with our Billeting Committee Chair.

BOARD (Year round)

  • Only members of the Society may be elected to membership on the Board.  If you are interested in becoming a Board Member please note this on your volunteer application

BOX OFFICE (Year round)


  • Selling tickets at the Festival venues or from the Office
  • Comfort in dealing with cash and credit card transactions.
  • Comfortable using technology.  Ticket sales at office through online system (Ticket Pro) – training provided.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Attention to detail.

Concerts and Other Events (September through June)

  • Distribution of tickets to outlets 4-6 weeks in advance of show & collection of tickets and money on day of show.
  • Selling tickets at the monthly concert venue which requires comfort in dealing with cash and credit card transactions.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Attention to detail.

CONCESSIONS (Year round)

  • Selling our performers’ CDs and Festival merchandise
  • Two Festival locations: Daytime at the Wharf; Evening at the Main Stage
  • Small table at concerts, mostly selling the performer’s CD and merchandise
  • Requires comfort in dealing with cash and credit card transactions and interacting helpfully with the public
  • A knowledge of the performers’ music is a definite asset

FINANCE (Year round)

  • Assists in the development of the Society’s financial plan / budget (September/October).
  • Reviews and assesses our financial position approximately four times per year.
  • Works with the Treasurer, General Manager and President implementing the Society’s financial policies.

FOLK FIESTA! (Winter/non-Festival)

  • Work with the Program Committee arranging line up and activities
  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to fulfill Volunteer needs for the evening
  • Responsible for Live and Silent Auctions, organize raffle and 50/50 as well as obtaining license
  • Assist with organizing after hours party, obtaining and preparing decorations for the evening
  • Responsible for clean-up at theatre and after hours party

FUNDRAISING (Year round)

  • Work with the General Manager to identify and approach potential sponsors, foundations, donors, granting agencies or other sources of financial support for Society’s activities
  • Assist with the planning of fund raising events as required.

GREEN TEAM (Year round)

  • Members of the Green Team  are ambassadors for LFHS environmental initiates, providing festival-goers with general information on how the Society is doing their part to reduce waste, to promote Town water (including the Blue W program), and to protect our environment.
  • Encourage and assist public to dispose of their waste using appropriate recycling/garbage bins
  • You will act as an on-site trouble-shooter to ensure the waste stations are not overflowing or unsightly
  • You may be responsible for refilling bulk water dispensers at the Water Market
  • You will ensure that water is always available for performers and report any shortages to the Green Team Chair.
  • You may be required to work alongside Site Crew related to waste disposal and water needs.

HOSPITALITY (Year round)

  • If you enjoy a high energy atmosphere, meeting and serving the public this may be the venue you may enjoy.
  • You must be willing to work late hours, be on your feet, be involved with food & beverage preparation, cleaning, serving and working with the public
  • You must be 19 or older
  • You may also assist with greeting our guests as well as maintaining entrance to afterhours and invitation lists

ICE CREAM (Festival only)

Do you LOVE ice cream?

  • You will be scooping ice cream for our patrons
  • Shifts will be at the Main Stage on Blockhouse Hill –  afternoons (preparation) and evenings (serving)
  • Must be able to handle money and make accurate change

MAIN OFFICE (Year round)

  • Assisting the general office staff, Manager, Festival Coordinator or any of the Team Chairs
  • You should be self- motivated, have keyboard skills, be familiar with Excel and Word, able to work with cash, work as a team member and relate well to the public
  • Your duties will be varied and unpredictable, including acting as a runner for the office, doing pick-up and delivery to help things run smoothly
  • Driver’s license as well as access to a vehicle may be required

MARKETING (Year round)

  • As a member of this committee, you will be asked to be creative and a serious team player.
  • The role of the committee is to develop and sustain the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society brand
  • Works closely with the Publicity Committee and the Executive.

MEMBERSHIP (Year round)

  • Confirm existing members and seek renewals
  • Recruit new members through recruiting at Society events and in specific membership drives
  • Assist with documenting information and tracking memberships

OTHER (Year round)

  • If you have skills/abilities that you are unsure which Committee you would fit into  please use this category including a short description
  • If you do not have a preference to which Team you are assigned to and are willing to step up and possibly work with any team or number of teams this is where you belong.

PHOTOGRAPHY (Year round)

  • Responsible for photographically recording the Festival event and other Society Events throughout the year.
  • Must be prepared to parse their own work, label each final photo or video according to a prescribed format and submit a CD or other means of transferring their work to the Society (e.g., Internet transfer)
  • Must be willing to give up all copyright of work submitted to the Society
  • Includes photographically documenting our audience, staff while they work, and performers.
  • The number of photographers used for events is limited.  They should be professional-quality, submit a portfolio and will be interviewed.

PROGRAM (Year round)

  • Responsible for all artistic decisions of the Society for festival, monthly concert series, Sunday bandstand series, and Folk Fiesta!
  • Books artists, negotiates with agents, sets schedules, develops programs, and creates workshops and sessions
  • Works closely with Site, Hospitality, Billeting, Transportation and the Office to ensure that artists’ needs are met
  • Works closely with Publicity to ensure that our programs are promoted as envisioned
  • This Committee meets weekly year-round and members spend about 10 hours a week on committee business outside of these meetings
  • The committee provides biographies, photographs and other content for the Festival Guide and the web site.

EDUCATION (Spring and Summer)

  • Responsible for the administration of the Jim Pittman Awards
  • Runs the Children’s Arts and Craft area during Festival weekend

PUBLICITY (Year round)

  • Promotion of the Festival, the Concert Series and the Bandstand Series
  • Oversight of the Festival Guide (usually produced by the office staff)
  • Requires writing skills, including use of a computer, page layout, etc.
  • Responsible for placement and removal of Concert Series, Folk Fiesta!, Youth Concert and Festival signage, banners and posters in various communities

RAFFLE (Festival only)

  • Selling raffle tickets at various venues throughout the town during the Festival as well as the Main Stage in the evenings
  • Must be friendly and outgoing with some talent for sales and the ability to handle money
  • May be asked to assist at other Society events if a raffle is included (e.g., Folk Fiesta!)


Set Up Crew (Festival only)

  • Wednesday and Thursday from approximately 8 am to 4 pm
  • Range of duties from hauling chairs to swinging a hammer
  • Lifting is involved

Take down Crew (Festival only)

  • Monday from approximately 8am to 4pm
  • What has gone up must come down
  • Range of duties from hauling chairs to swinging a hammer
  • Lifting is involved

Maintenance and Access

  • Able to be courteous in any situation
  • Oversee access at the various Main Stage gates and the After Hours site
  • Monitor fence line perimeter at Main Stage
  • Day and evening shifts (After hours shift ends at approximately 4 am)
  • Ensure access to only those who have appropriate permission or tickets
  • Directs patrons and volunteers to appropriate parking areas around the Main Stage Tent
  • Other related duties as assigned

Stage Managers (Year round)

  • Responsible for overseeing the load-in, set-up, sound checks, concerts and tear down and load-out to oversee everything happening onstage at a venue.
  • Supervise and/or controlling the stage lighting, problem solving sound issues and ensuring smooth operations overall
  • Works to keep the backstage area as clear as possible, so as to avoid backstage areas being crowded and noisy during performances.

House Managers (Festival only)

  • Enforces the rules of the venue and the policies of Folk Harbour Society on audience photography or sound disruption (cellphones, etc.) and common courtesy.
  • Assists the Stage Manager as required.
  • Ensures the venue is returned to the owners in a clean condition including the separation and removal of garbage.

Usher (Year round)

  • Assisting with the movement and seating of patrons at the various venues
  • At Pearl Theatre, requires remaining at the top of a row with a flashlight to assist patrons moving in or out after the house lights have dimmed.
  • May involve asking volunteers to give up seats if the venue is full
  • Will involve telling people they cannot save seats within 10 minutes of show commencement 

General Volunteer (Festival only)

  • Other duties as identified by House and Stage Managers

SUPPORT (Festival only)


  • Assist volunteers who are unable to leave their stations by delivering food, beverages, messages and other items as needed
  • Located at venues throughout the town during the day and at the Main Stage in the evening


  • A chance to meet some of our performers
  • A suitable vehicle and a good driving record are essential
  • Depending on the situation, a large vehicle with room for luggage and instruments may be required

Airport Transportation (Festival Only)

  • Using your own vehicle, providing pickup and/or delivery of performers to the Halifax airport
  • In some cases, a rental or other non-owned vehicle may be offered, but sometimes a special license is required

In-Town Transportation (Festival Only)

  • Using your own vehicle, providing transportation between venues and from billet homes to venues
  • Often you are assigned to one or more specific performers
  • Must be available on call to ensure smooth delivery of performers on time for their day and evening appearances
  • Vehicle must be large enough to carry the required instruments (in some cases, small vehicles are sufficient)
  • May be asked to ensure performers are returned to their billet locations after the After Hours party

VOLUNTEER (Year round)

  • A small team responsible as an intermediary between Committee Chairs and Volunteers,
  • Assists with recruitment, placement and orientation of Volunteers,
  • Maintains a database of volunteers (present & past),
  • Ensures Committee Chairs can and do utilize the database and scheduling system
  • Supports the Committee Chairs while ensuring their needs are met during the Festival and other Society events throughout the year
  • Hosts Orientation night, Volunteer Appreciation Night and Committee Chair meetings before the Festival

WEBSITE (Year round)

  • Is responsible for the content and updating of the Society web site
  • Maintains and controls the mailing system for e-mail contact with all subscribers
  • Must be familiar with electronic media and the use of WordPress and Mail Chimp


  • Organize the annual Youth Concert
  • Perform duties at the Youth Concert such as Program, Stage Manager, Lighting, Sound (all under adult guidance)