Schedule At A Glance

2015 Guide CoverThe 2015 Festival Schedule:  See below for the links to the pdf pages.

To get a quick idea of what we do with our 4 days of fun and music, check out the Calendar.  Click on any entry to see the details.  You can also go to the menu under: Festival>>Schedules and Stages and choose the individual venue.

Also, each performer’s individual schedule is included with their biography under Festival>>2015 Performers.

This schedule is subject to change up to and including the date of the Festival, so use it now for planning, but check back to confirm times and location closer to the performance time.

Mainstage — Evening Performances (as of July 16, 2015)

Thursday Night ver 4

Friday Night ver 5

Saturday Night ver 4

Sunday Nght ver 5

Daytime Venue Workshops and Performances (as of July 9, 2015)

Thursday — see “Folksteps” page>>

Friday am ver 4

Friday Afternoon ver 4

Saturday am ver 4

Saturday Afternoon ver 4

Sunday am ver 4

Sunday Afternoon ver 4