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We are often asked how performers are chosen to play at the Festival. Many factors are considered when selecting presenters from the hundreds of submissions we receive annually. The following points may help you in making a successful application to Folk Harbour:

Who we hire? —Our performers are selected to fall within the Society’s Artistic Vision Statement which is, “To share traditional and contemporary folk music highlighting the culture and history of Nova Scotia and other North Atlantic regions through music, dance and other forms of artistic expression presented through events and educational experiences which celebrates the ever-changing nature of traditional music.” While this statement is our guideline, our program also celebrates diversity, allowing for performers representing many regions, ethnic backgrounds, experience levels, and musical styles. As a general guideline our musical styles cover contemporary and traditional folk, bluegrass, blues, gospel, old-time, Celtic, children’s, and maritime traditional.

How to apply? —Please send a full performer package, complete with biographical and contact information (including contact name and email address), live performance dates, web site address, and a recent CD(s) to: Program Committee, Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, PO Box 655, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0. We are happy to receive electronic submissions supplementary to a hard-copy application.  Please initiate contact using the form at the bottom of this page.  You will be sent our Program Committee e-mail address when we contact you.  Because of the huge volume of submissions we receive only those performers that are invited to appear at the festival will be contacted.

Who does the hiring? —The Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival Program Committee is made up of a group of individuals devoted to the promotion of live folk music and who collectively hold considerable knowledge of the music industry. All hiring decisions are unanimous and based on the best interest of the Festival’s audience, performers and reputation. Ultimate authority for decisions lies with the Program Committee Chairperson who is responsible to the Board of Directors. A call for new Committee members is made annually, in late August, to assure the approach to programming is always fresh.

When do we hire? —The Festival takes place each year on the second full weekend of August. It is essential that performers are available for the full Festival. The ideal time to make a submission is between September and November of the year prior to the Festival.  Most offers are made in December and January with programming completed by the end of March. Please note that applications are not held and reconsidered from year to year, thus it is important to re-apply annually.

If you have any questions concerning this document please direct them to the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society office: (902) 634-3180

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